Folsom points dating

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Re-dating of Clovis sites suggests that their ages fall within a relatively tight time ...

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A different technology was required because buffalo (or more properly, bison ( In general terms (Buchanan et al.Like Clovis points, Folsom were not arrow or spear points but were likely attached to darts and delivered by atlatl throwing sticks.But the main diagnostic feature of Folsom points is the channel flute, a technology that sends flintknappers and regular archaeologists alike (including me) into flights of rapturous admiration.Folsom Site or Wild Horse Arroyo, designated by the Smithsonian trinomial 29CX1, is a major archaeological site about 8 miles (13 km) west of Folsom, New Mexico.It is the type site for the Folsom tradition, a Paleo-Indian cultural sequence dating to between 9000 BC and 8000 BC.The edge of the dig has never been reached, thus it is expected that more is waiting to be discovered.

It is important to note that the Folsom Man campsite has never been discovered but must surely lie within a few miles of the site of the slaughter.

The Folsom area is home to one of the most important archaeological sites in North America.

This find changed our thinking about man's early presence on the continent.

Did Folsom develop directly from Clovis, or were these two cultural expressions separate and unrelated?

Numerous series of radiocarbon dates have shown Folsom to follow Clovis, although it has been difficult to know exactly what is the gap in time between them—or even if there is any gap at all. The Clovis heyday ended approximately 12,800 years ago and coincides with a period of colder conditions.

The information culled from this site was the first of a set of discoveries that would allow archaeologists to revise their estimations for the time of arrival of Native Americans on the North American continent.