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It follows a write once, compile anywhere philosophy, and is available for many CPU architectures and operating systems (see Targets).

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) is a free, portable and open source compiler for Pascal and Object Pascal languages.

It supports its own Object Pascal dialect as well as the dialects of several other Pascal family compilers to a certain extent, including those of Turbo Pascal, Delphi, and some historical Macintosh compilers.

The dialect is selected on a per-unit (module) basis, and more than one dialect can be used per program.

Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) is a compiler for the closely related programming language dialects, Pascal and Object Pascal.

It is free software released under the GNU General Public License.

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Free Pascal, FPC (free pascal compiler), FPK - 32- Pascal.

Turbo Pascal, CRT, DOS, Graph ( VGA-), Strings, Objects.

Free Pascal is available on many architectures and operating systems (see Targets), and belongs to the campaign.

It has an excellent support for integration of assembly language, and supports multiple architectures and notations in the internal assembler.

Language dialect FPC adopted the de facto standard dialects of Pascal programmers: the Borland dialects.

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