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However, in general terms, Internet solicitation of a minor means that a person knowingly attempted to meet with an underage person for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.Under Texas law, it is not necessary that a sexual act take place in order to convict on this charge; mere intent, if such intent can be proven, itself is sufficient to convict.

In many cases, such solicitation is recorded as a part of a “sting operation” conducted by state and/or federal law enforcement officials.

On May 29, 2017, Governor Abbott signed a bill that creates a consistent set of rules across Texas for both ridesharing companies and drivers like you.

This new law went into effect immediately, and it means that a City of Houston TNC License is no longer required to pick up riders within the City of Houston or at the airports.

We will regularly update this list as new cities are launched. A consistent set of statewide rules helps grow awareness and demand among potential riders across the state—this means more riders in Houston and in other Texas cities!

Does anything change around picking up riders at the airports?

Since such sex crimes are morally offensive to a large section of the population, prosecutors have often used such sting operations to enhance their reputations as being “tough on crime.” Unfortunately, these prosecutors will often be more interested in their public reputations than in the constitutional rights of the accused. Such charges require the skill of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Podolsky is dedicated to providing the best legal defense and representation possible.

The Texas laws used to prosecute alleged cases of Internet solicitation are taken from various sections of the State Penal Code.

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Sex Crimes Defense We know children sometimes lie, or are very impressionable and eager to please, and therefore susceptible to manipulation.

Attorney Nicole De Borde spent eight years as a Harris County prosecutor, and understands how the other side builds their cases.

She is skilled at gathering the information necessary to fight charges.

Section 33.021 of the Texas State Penal Code, “Online Solicitation of a Minor,” provides that a conviction for online solicitation of a person under the age of 17 for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity can: In addition to incarceration and a fine, those convicted of Internet solicitation are frequently required to register with their local law enforcement agencies as a sex offender.