Free sex chat thanderbolt

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Free sex chat thanderbolt

It also uses a safety pin lanyard that must be plugged in for the unit to work.If worn securely around your wrist, no one can take the stun gun away and use it on you because the moment the safety pin is pulled out it no longer works.

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Always consult your doctor before starting any fitness programme to be sure it is safe.The screeching siren and warning strobe light attracts attention while the LED light can be flashed in the assailant’s eyes, causing a partial blinding effect.If these do not stop the attacker, the powerful 2 million volt electric shock is sure end their aggression.The LED light also works for illuminating your way in the dark.The unit is rechargeable with a built-in battery that can be charged via a standard outlet.Lastly, it also has a safety switch to protect your from yourself and accidental firings.

This UZI Thunderbolt™ stun gun delivers a powerful 2.8 million volt electric shock that can stop attackers in their tracks instantly.It passes the standards set for law enforcement grade stun devices and is quite reliable.The stun gun also features an LED light that can shine your way in the dark or be used to cause a blinding effect on your attacker by flashing the light in their eyes.The built-in battery is rechargeable and can be charged through any standard outlet with the provided AC adapter.Also included is a holster for easily carrying the ABS impact resistant device. *Note – Would not install on my XOOM or Incredible.

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