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Heads up though, the 1 GB of data expires 14 days from the day it is shipped, so if you screw up on the address or can’t get it working, the clock’s still ticking. Their 1 GB prepaid plan is slightly better than B-Mobile’s as it’s the same price but your prepaid data lasts 30 days instead of B-Mobile’s 14 days.

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So, continue reading to find out if this is a legitimate site for dating real women or not.I’ve found MVNO data plans generally come in two flavors: If you’re staying in Japan for a month or less, it’s generally a good idea to just get a visitor’s prepaid SIM card.That way you can sidestep the paperwork that goes with getting a longer term plan. For prepaid SIM cards, 1 GB of highspeed will run you about 4,000 yen or you can get 14 days of unlimited low speed for the same price — info here.And then I go to buy a two-head bob-cat and my card gets declined I have to get on the phone to explain to the bank that sorry but that they’ve already cancelled the card and I’ll have to wait until they mail me a new one.This would be fine if I had another credit card to use, but I don’t because I don’t want to have to pay fees on a credit card when I just be able to use my debit card for everything if it wasn’t constantly being cancelled.Compare Manhattan’s carefully planned and easy to use grid system… with Tokyo’s sprawling labyrinth of streets: The upshot of this is that, when in Tokyo, bring a GPS.

Luckily, just about everyone now has a GPS-enabled map in their pocket on their smartphone.

For the last couple of years our credit/debit card has been cancelled over and over because of “suspicious activity.” I never know that my card been cancelled until my card is turned down by an uncomfortable cashier, and that’s always nice because it’s such a great self-esteem booster when your card gets declined at the drugstore when you’re buying toilet paper and milk.

The the one buying tiny cat wigs from Asia, and taxidermied pegasuses, and giant metal chickens.

I love Tokyo, but it can be a nightmare to navigate.

It has the same problem that any ancient city has, which is that the people laying out the streets made things up as they went along.

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