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When it comes to identifying signs of human trafficking in online sex adverts, the task for police is often no easier.Thousands of sex-related classifieds are posted every week. Other people, like Pride’s daughter, are forced to do it.

Much has been said about the double standard attached to a woman’s choice of partners versus that of a man, and many women talk down their number of partners (or consciously limit it) in order to not come across as “easy”.Older age may well imply a more conservative attitude towards sex, though.Although a sample of 5 women is hardly representative, the article does give some sort of insight into the attitudes Irish women, both single and married have towards sex.Intercourse with employees We provide our employees with a safe working environment and fair conditions.The development of skills and abilities of our employees are always supported.Technical innovations and a high in-house production depth have a high priority for us. We achieve this by working closely with our customers on new innovative projects.

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Interestingly, out of 5 women chosen for this article, only two women reported to have had sex with a relatively large number of partners and one of them was originally from Germany so was not raised in Ireland.

Both were young, though young age didn’t seem to necessarily mean being more promiscuous.

"This is our big family reunion," says Michael Krenzer, a spokesman for the Jehovah's Witnesses in Dortmund.

And since the family must expand, "many Witnesses naturally meet their future spouses here," says Uwe Langhals, another spokesman, who has been a Jehovah's Witness since he was 15.

Having doubts about his faith, the oldest son stayed home.