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All of the crime bosses are in large bold font and have their radar icon next to them. The missions will explain what happens in the cutscene, what your objectives are, and the best way to go about them.

Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead?Also, there are gifts you can give to a girl during a date so I've included a list of some of the more convenient locations to find these in the Gift Locations section.There is also a misc section that you might want to take a look at, since misc sections are always good.Load the same save game for each date with the 2nd one without savingthe game afterward, and "C. will probably run into the jealous girlfriend infive to ten dates with her." Here's his account of some things to look for when it happens: "Imagine my surprise when I walk out of a restaurant in SF with Katie and a cutscene shows me Denise in her Hustler and tells me I've been spotted and have to lose her. get Denise to come out of her house for a date thenhad C. Again, Gimp Suit dates and She Drives dates do not apply. Any successful date would have disabled Two-Timing dates unless he led the jealous girlfriend into the home sphere at the end of each date.It happened two or three more times in my testing with other girls as well. get Denise for a girlfriend after "Burning Desire" but not dateher. If a two-timing date is triggered, CJ can make progress with the girl being dated, avoid losing progress with the jealous girlfriend, and keep future two-timing dates active by taking the girlfriend being dated home without losing the jealous girlfriend. I got Katie as a GF early by flying in to meet her. I'm fairly certain that girlfriend progress stats and oysters collected have no influence on Two-Timing dates.There are six different girls to date, and each one has their own benefits and rewards to offer.

You will get a benefit just for dating most of the girls, such as the very useful ability to keep your weapons and money after being busted or wasted.

Then once you raise your relationship level with a girl to 50% you will get the keys to her car, which will be available whenever the girl is at home.

Finally, if you raise your relationship level with a girl to 100% you'll be given a special outfit (unless that girl is Millie).

The jealous girl's car has a red arrow marker over top of it, and you have to drive quickly away and put enough distance between the two cars for the game to tell you it's clear. gets fat, he might finish a date with Katie bytelling her, "Hey! ") This is the formula I used that worked for me pretty quickly: I didn't have C. get any Oysters (just in case that makes a difference). After "The Green Sabre," I had him get Katie (practicing t'ai chi on thelawn of Avispa Golf Course) as a girlfriend. This is the situation that allows jacking the proofed car. (4 stars and wasted.)Once when dating Denise she caught CJ by the small Ammunation store while Denise and CJ were doing drive-bys on a date. After you trigger this two timing thing, will it cause CJ to get dumped? I have some questions, Is it possible that a jealous girlfriend appear even after the failed date in a 4-star restricted area when CJ has more than one girlfriend and the dated girlfriend asks CJ to take her back home?

If she catches up to you, there's a confrontation where both girls make wisecracks, and, after the jealous one leaves, the girl you were on a date with gets out of your car and the date becomes a failure." A couple of early choices are Katie, available at the start of the game, if inan area that's off-limits until after "The Green Sabre," and Denise, availableafter "Burning Desire." While pdescobar had C. get Denise as a girlfriend but not start dating tillhe dated Katie, Carl Johnson (who also appears elsewhere in this guide) had C. get"Armor, an M4 with lots of ammo, and a Shotgun with lots of ammo. get her as a girlfriend to see if she shows up on a datewith another girlfriend, though. I am talking here about the stages where the storyline hasn't been touched or attempting to date Barbara, after the Green Sabre where the Desert & LV are still restricted.

This page contains walkthroughs of all of the Las Venturas missions on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.