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Nostalgia Critic, The Spoony One, Linkara: Why start now? Was the shock of somebody trying to kill her too much for her to handle? [Cut to a shot of a spotlight showing a picture of the Critic's face in the sky] Nostalgia Critic: Why did I install that? The Spoony One: So I guess 22 years before that onslaught of rambling text, there was a sweet, innocent old nun who ran a lovely little orphanage where she sold her children to the most adorable science experiments. Linkara: This movie jumps around more than a Mexican jumping bean on a grasshopper... Linkara: So rather than just attacking the guy, he climbs up a fence, walks over a bridge and THEN attacks the guy. Aileen: If you wanted somebody to build a puzzle, why would you hide the pieces so far apart? The Spoony One: Oh, but I got all these other Uwe Boll movies we could watch, like House of the Dead. Nostalgia Critic: [Linkara hits NC with his hat] Pick five. The Spoony One, Linkara, Angry Joe, Nostalgia Chick, Phelous, Marz Gurl, Bennett the Sage, 8-Bit Mickey, Benzaie: Nay! Linkara: [Puts the gun away and gets up, throwing an arm over Joe's shoulder as he talks] Joe, Joe, Joe. Linkara: You know, you don't have to beat up the door, pal. Nostalgia Critic: Actually, think about it, that gun shot was computer generated, so the director actually had to say in post-production, 'make sure that shot doesn't hit her.' What a cocksucking douchebag. Linkara: No one should have to watch Uwe Boll alone, especially with Spoony. Linkara: Now it says "if you made it to this door, you weren't intimidated by the other door." The Spoony One: So Slater tries to shoot the guy, but it turns out bullets are just like Milk Duds being thrown at him. Nostalgia Critic: Hey look, it's that guy who consistently almost has a career. Linkara, Nostalgia Critic, The Spoony One: Because it's a puzzle, you dummy! Linkara: [as the professor injects himself with monster blood] Mmmm, that's good Mc Guffin! [NC slaps him] Linkara: Remember to buy Revolution of the Mask. [slaps Linkara] The Spoony One: Why you gotta be so mean? [NC hits both of them] The Spoony One: Alright, Critic, it's on! Nostalgia Critic: What can't we do with an acre of land? Nostalgia Critic: [sing-songy] Too bad I'm in charge!

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Christian Slater as Edward: You don't have to believe me. [Spoony and NC give him a look] Linkara: This movie sucks! Why don't you try out some of that strategic mumbo-jumbo? You could just as easily go through the window you smashed through. Nostalgia Critic: Well, not that I wouldn't want to watch the movie again with you, Spoony, but I feel a film this bad would take at least three reviewers, so unless you can find someone else... Linkara: What's with this guy and his fear of doors? Nostalgia Critic: Well, I guess we have enough people to withstand the horrors of the Boll. Linkara: [Edward now shoots him in the leg] Yes, because it worked so well the first time! [NC pokes him in the eyes] The Spoony One: What about Dungeon Seige? [NC is tackled by Spoony and Linkara] Nostalgia Critic: I'm the Nostalgia Critic, I remember it so you don't have to. The Spoony One: It's like Alone in the Dark: The Audio Book. That means it's none of your fucking business! Linkara: So, let's go back the way we just came. Stephen Dorf: [a soldier is hit] Lay down, relax, everything's going to be fine. Linkara: I got here, but I think Spoony's watch is more accurate. Nostalgia Critic: What started as just an acre of land will blossom into something more than an acre of land! Nostalgia Critic: And so, it is the ruling of this court that you be found guilty for the crimes against our government. Linkara: Is he trying to out-Slater Christian Slater? The Spoony One: And you know what makes it really tragic is that everyone in the city had just two days left 'til retirement... So what do you say we watch Alone in the Dark with a group in the daylight? Linkara, The Spoony One: [to the tune of the Star Wars theme] Boring. Linkara: [in Clint Eastwood voice] What about the business of that little girl? You know, from the way they were shooting, I could have sworn he was being followed. We have rooms for any interest: adult chat, gay chat,lesbian chat and even languages rooms where people can meet and interact with one another.Our online chat rooms have some of the most interesting people that you can possibly meet.Our Sex Chat Room which provides live webcam video chat room and more!

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