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I have been holding out hope that the rapid descent of our culture into utter madness would be stopped, or at least slowed because enough people would come to their senses and find their backbones. Things that are as fundamental to the human person as being male and female, mother and father, are being jettisoned as oppressive and discriminatory, in favor of bizarre and thoroughly fabricated, convoluted notions of human sexuality. Have we all really forgotten the power of an idea that really catches on and gets gobbled up by the masses?All sense of sacrifice and obligation toward children and their true best interest seems to have also been rejected in favor of the feelings, desires, and “rights” of the adults. Have we forgotten the kind of influence a book can have on a person, and on a culture? Are you living under a rock that you don’t grasp the destructive force of pornography in our culture?

So began the cry of discrimination toward these men, and the injustice of the law.

They have a right to know and be cared for by their mother.

I went even further and said that what the two men had done was not love.

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I am so disgusted with Pat Robertson, Kenneth Copeland, Robert Jeffress, Jerry Falwell Jr and a host of other pastors who have been "laying hands" on Trump to anoint him and endorse him.

It is repulsive and vile that these people pimp their books, churches and Christian schools for profit on tv and then they turn around and endorse this man with all of the vile things he is involved in.

They have made backroom deals with Trump for 30 pieces of accursed silver just as Judas did to betray Christ.

If there is an antichrist alive right now, it is Trump along with the current Pope as his false prophet. She is a creepy woman and I have seen shocking photos of her when Trump first met her when she was very young and looked nothing, absolutely nothing, like she does now.

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