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Four days later, Fisher found herself in a New York conference room with about a dozen strangers.“In the middle of the morning,” she recalls, “they literally looked at me and said, ‘Why do you fall in love with one person rather than another? Nobody knows.’ ” Far from being put off, the executives shared with Fisher their plan to launch a new dating site—Chemistry.com—that would use science to find people their ideal romantic partners. I study why we’re all alike, and you’re asking me why we’re all different.’ ” And yet the challenge tempted Fisher.

It is visual proof that when we're infatuated, we're literally drunk on love. She realized that this very slowness gave him the patience to read Shakespeare, talk fluently about Plato, and truly appreciate a painting—all traits she was attracted to. "I told myself, Yes, he's walking really slowly, but this very slowness has created someone who's willing to read 700 pages of ." In other words, our brains are malleable.

In these respects, we are returning to a social life style that is very similar to life as it was in hunting and gathering societies, before people settled down on the farm and sex and marriage codes became much more rigid.

What advice do you have for seniors who want to start dating again after losing a long-term partner or spouse?

With the election, we hear how candidates need to "frame the issue better." At work, our boss tells us to "frame the problem differently." While I'm listening to a guided meditation, the voice of Andy Puddicombe, an ex Buddhist monk, soothingly tells me, "A big part of [meditation] is how we frame the exercise.

By changing your outlook, the mind softens." So I thought, OK, if framing is such a powerful force, how can we leverage it in the world of dating? D., author of and an authority on the intersection of neurons and Cupid. "It's always modifying itself to see this way or that." As part of her research, Fisher recruited people who said they're madly in love, hooked them up to MRIs, and scanned their brains.

As a result, we're We can thank evolution for this ability to focus on the giddy, so-in-love feeling and block out (almost) everything else. We're not stuck with first impressions—and that means even a not-so-amazing first date could turn into a meaningful relationship, if we let it."Reframing is very powerful," says Wendy Suzuki, Ph.

From a biological perspective, "the most important thing we do with our lives is to find a mating partner—to send our lineage to the next generation," says Fisher. "For years, I went out with a man who was really slow. D., a neuroscientist at New York University and author of . When you say something positive, and you do it again and again, you're reframing the thoughts that run through your mind." So, before a date, it can be as simple as swapping .She had explored the evolution of human pair-bonding; discovered a universal four-year itch that often led to divorce; and theorized that lust, romantic love, and attachment are each separate drives.She had even used brain scans to show that the chemistry of romantic love and the chemistry of addiction are similar.Recently though, Fisher realized it’s not love she’s been “in” all these years.“Yes, I’ve been studying romantic love and feelings of deep attachment,” Fisher says.Fisher has found that the scientific study and data analysis she’s done around how we love also pertains to how we work.

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