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According to the director of the Centers for Disease Control, who spoke that day, one in 30 baby boomers has Hepatitis C. Since Hepatitis C was only identified in 1989, there was no long-term data., I thought. But as it turns out, I was pretty much the last one to do so.Forty percent of those people will die of the virus, at an average age of 59. I made it all the way to 2011, and then the outlandishly good health I had enjoyed all my life started to crumble. My blood counts plummeted and my spleen swelled to three times its normal size. The drugs now available for Hepatitis C have a 96 percent cure rate.

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Sometimes one medicine we take interferes with other medicines, or with recreational drugs (including alcohol).

A useful website that lists all these interactions is based at University of Liverpool (UK): Click here to open HEP Drug Interactions website.

They also recommend testing for anyone who has injected drugs — a group swelling as we speak with young people and other victims of the current opioid epidemic — and anyone who had a blood transfusion before 1992. Much of the press on the new drugs has focused on how expensive they are, and on questions about insurance coverage.

Hepatitis C treatment is covered by Medicare, though, and by 95 percent of commercial insurers.

Here are some of the things that can happen once you contract hep C.

Your body may deal with hep C of its own accord, and you may never get sick.

If I wasn’t convinced already he was someone I could relate to, my new friend shared that he’d been cured of Hepatitis C. Instead of having to awkwardly explain my medical history, I’d met someone who shares it. The only other time I’d met people who’d been cured of Hepatitis C, I was at an event at Johns Hopkins celebrating the first 1,000 successes of the new drugs.

Some of my fellow drug program participants had gotten it from blood transfusions, some from vaccinations in the military. In any case, our unicorn status can’t go on much longer. As a person whose excesses in the 1980s included injectable drugs, it was no mystery to me how I contracted the virus. I had no symptoms — many don’t — and my doctor said I might never have any. I worked my way through just about every one of the nasty side effects.

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