Hermaphrodite chatrooms

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Hermaphrodite chatrooms

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Intersex conditions are deemed "birth defects" that must be "corrected" surgically, as soon as possible--even though the surgery leaves us with scarred genitals that don't look typical and have limited or no sensation.

Yeah, I do pet my pussycat & taste your candy in private.

But I love non-adult long conversations in private equal.

The simple story is this: we live in a society that acts as if there are two sexed flavors of people--male and female--but reality is more complicated and more interesting.

Intersexed people are all around you, though often you'd never notice us.

A genre or character in art or literature that features a female that has all feminine attributes except that she has a penis.

This can include her having a vagina, testicles, etc. A futanari girl is not to be confused with a trap or cross-dresser as they are a female.

A disgusting picture of a man stretching his anus extremely wide.

One of the oldest jokes on the internet is to link the picture to internet forums and chatrooms, renamed to look like something else like "happybunnies.jpg" .

Tall guys with long hair, curly hair or dreadlocks and soul full eyes. NEWBIES1.)Instead of bitching about my image buy me a HD cam,ask for my address and send it to me!

You either do something about it either shut up about it, I won't have anything else.2.) I don't have 'holes' 3.) I don't like bdsm-even thought I studied it like you studied some subject you hated at school just because you needed to pass an exam. From my point of view power games should stay the fuck out of sex.

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    It used to be parents who worried about their children being picked up by unsavory types in bars and other seedy hang-outs.