How accurate is conception dating

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Early ultrasound (between 7-12 weeks) is the most accurate and you can work backwards and find a 3-5 day window where you most likely conceived. So, when an ultrasound scan gives a date of 7/24 as the estimated conception date, it actually means it is quite likely to have happened a little before 7/24 or a little after 7/24.Later us can be less reliable and be off by as much as 3 weeks in your 3rd trimester. Read more Ultrasound pregnancy dating gives a date and a range. This all means a person shouldn't think too much about exactness. Read more Based on the information you provided, the 'average' date of conception would be appx 11/14/13.

One I didn't use protection with on Saturday April 7th (we have been very good friends for years, and it just happened on a night out drinking/dancing) and the other man I only went out with a few times, and when we slept together the following week (on Saturday April 14th), the condom broke.

I had sex with another partner unprotected for the month of Feb - currently.

I had an ABDOMINAL ultrasound on 4/1 that dated me 7wks, 0d with an EDD of 11/18.

I can give an "estimate" but I really don't know because I never keep track.

(Plus I have always been told that because of metabolic issues, and PCOS that it would be very hard for me to get pregnant).

I didn't think anything of it, because I am almost 38, and this has never happened to me before.

So, my question is, when I went to have my ultrasound, the sonographer did 2 measurements for the conception date: one was 6 weeks and 3 days, and the other one (just to be sure) was 6 weeks 5 days.

So, we split the difference and said 6 weeks 4 days.

This would make my conception date April 7th, which is the exact night I was with the first man.

In a fertility practice, like ours, that scans early pregnancy frequently, we find this level of accuracy. There is no percentage implied, it doesn't work like that.

In my experience 1st trimester us can be accurate to within /-1 day under many circumstances, but you shouldn't count on it every time. Read more Depending on how your due date is determined there may be a large margin of error.

Talk to your OB if you have more specific questions. While 11/25 could be the conception date, it's highly unlikely. Read more Conception does not necessarily occur on the same day you have sex, so the most accurate date is a known last period.

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