I kissed dating goodbye discussion questions

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Namely that there was a breed of human—the teenage boy—who would soon be out to get my little Jacquelyn.And furthermore, there was going to be no way I would let this happen.

My next experience with a Christian dating book happened about a year ago.

(A helpful and thoughtful analysis can be found in Ruth Graham’s .” In his essay “Against Evangelical Victim Culture (Stop Blaming Josh Harris for Your Problems),” G.

Shane Harris offers an equally well-written if largely unsympathetic approach to complaints against Harris’s work.) In what follows, I would like to briefly add my voice to the cacophony that currently surrounds know firsthand the subculture that surrounded Harris’s book.

Hundreds of thousands of Evangelicals read this book.

It eventually sold more than a million copies and the language of “courtship” ensconced itself into 90’s/aught-era Christian speak.

It was called “I Kissed Dating Goodbye.” When it first came out in 1997, a lot of people read it. And many others thought it was terrible — and told me so.

For a long time I ignored the voices of those who didn’t appreciate my book or its ideas on relationships.

I’m truly thankful to be sharing my space at True Love with Joshua Harris today. It feels like just yesterday I was that 16-year-old girl, sitting under a tree at Creation Fest East, listening to him share about his best-selling book, It swept the nation like wildfire and totally changed the dating culture within the Church.

Fast forward a couple decades, and here we are today, taking a second look at how his book impacted the dating scene – in both good ways, and not so good ways.

While well-intentioned, many Christians (including myself) used this book as further evidence that our daughters should offer an emphatic “NO! In my family’s case, I pushed a belief on my daughter that she did not share.

What I tried to do was control my daughter instead of talking with her.

In this, I suspect that they are no different than the rest of us.