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Betancourt claims that the Colombian state failed to provide her adequate protection to travel in the zone, stripping her of her bodyguards and refusing to allow her to fly by state helicopter into the heavily guerrilla infiltrated area, where she was kidnapped.According to Betancourt, her petition for damages aims to “open the way so that other people who have been kidnapped can get compensation.”The Colombian army rescued Betancourt, Stansell, Gonsalves, another U. hostage Thomas Howes, and eleven members of the armed forces in the highly celebrated liberation mission “Operation Checkmate” on July 2, 2008, a mission which Betancourt herself described as “perfect.”In “Out of Captivity,” the book published by Stansell, Gonsalves and Howes about their ordeal in the Colombian jungle, Stansell and Howes paint Betancourt in a less than favorable light, claiming that she was arrogant, stole food, and put their lives in danger by telling the rebel guards that the authors were agents.

The three tearfully clung together on the steps of a plane that had just arrived from France at a Colombian airport, hugging and kissing each other fervently before disappearing inside the plane.Betancourt's son, Lorenzo, said it was hard to describe his feelings when he found out his mother had been freed. "It was too much happiness to know that after six years that I had not been able to see my mother, to know that I was going to be able to hold her, tell her that I love her." Betancourt and both children called for action to free other hostages still held by the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, known as FARC for its initials in Spanish."We need to keep fighting so this moment [of reunion] will come for everyone," Melanie said.The book, Même le silence a une fin, (Even silence comes to an end) has been hailed in the French press as "beautifully written" and "poetic".Le Monde said that it often reads like an "extraordinary adventure story".That Betancourt was taken hostage by the FARC was nothing out of the ordinary then.

An average of six or seven people were being kidnapped every day.

She walked a fine line between feminist and feminine. We exchanged greetings once at a forum in New York City in 2000, and I noticed she had an ankle tattoo.

I didn’t know then that in addition to being Colombian, she was also French.

S contractor and former hostage, who spent five years in FARC captivity with Ingrid Betancourt, said in an interview with RCN Radio Monday that the ex-presidential candidate was aware of the dangers of entering Colombia’s formerly demilitarized zone (DMZ) the day of her kidnapping.“It was her own arrogance that kidnapped her,” Stansell told RCN Radio, adding that he had decided to speak out after seeing an interview with Betancourt Monday night, in which she commented on the circumstances leading to her kidnapping. It’s obvious to everyone that there the authorities understood very well that the highway conditions were very dangerous … As it stands, Betancourt has petitioned a “request for conciliation,” which means she has taken the initial move to discuss compensation.

According to Stansell, during their time as FARC captives, Betancourt “in the jungle with me, in English, not in Spanish, explained this to me in a very different way. it wasn’t like that and at least she had changed her version of events from what she told me in the jungle.”“She told me that when she left for El Caguan, the authorities had taken away her bodyguards because there was a threat and the authorities and the general didn’t want to put the lives of the bodyguards at risk. She took it as if they were trying to take away some kind of authority from her and she continued to go ahead in car, covered in campaign stickers and look what happened,” Stansell continued.“This is just my opinion, it was her own arrogance that got her kidnapped. By law, suing would be the next step if no agreement on damages were reached with the Colombian government.

Colombia’s inspector general said Monday that if Betancourt does not plan to sue the state, she needs to formally notify the government that this is case.

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