Is chelsea houska dating daniel from caged

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Is chelsea houska dating daniel from caged

Pick up your chin, slip on some Uggs and celebrate, because we have the skinny on what happens to Chelsea Houska next season!

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Yep, girlfriend is officially a high school graduate (well, kinda), which means next season will be full of new adventures! She Ends Her Relationship With Adam Adam and Chelsea were in the process of getting back together when reunion special aired, but luckily Chelsea saw the light and kicked him to the curb.

Maddy and her mom talk about how Cody isn't in Aubrey's life at all, and they say that Aubrey is more than taken care of so that it doesn't make a huge difference yet.

Maddy cries at the end of her segment about how Aubrey deserved to have a dad, but she realizes that it's probably best for him to not be around than to be in and out of Aubrey's life.

During the episode, Stone fails to pick his kid up and the two seem to really be struggling.

Savannah is lucky to have Stone's mom to help and it seems like she's on Savannah's side.

Can you imagine all the creative ways we'll learn how to attach feathers to our hair?! She Takes a Vaycay in Louisiana Chelsea and her best friend, Erika Flom, visited Louisiana in mid-February for a non-work related visit with Jamie Lynn Spears.

They also hung out with Daniel Payne and his beefed up besties!If you follow any or all of the Teen Mom crew on social media, you know that most of them have a love/hate relationship with the show that made them famous.They love it because it gives them lots of money and prevents them from having to get traditional jobs, and they hate it because ... For a while now, it's seemed like complaining about MTV has become a favorite pastime for each and every Teen Mom cast member.» - Lindsey Di Mattina The ' Teen Mom' stars are so close that Chelsea can't stand to watch her Bff cry on TV!During the season finale Teen Mom 2 reunion special, Leah Messer broke down in tears as she discussed the end of her marriage to Corey Simms.If you watched last night's episode of Teen Mom 2, you know that, as always, each of the ladies is dealing with a considerable amount of personal drama.