Is kat von d still dating orby

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Is kat von d still dating orby

thanks for all the love and support, keep comments positive, hate is bad all the way around, the world needs more love, and love is the way... Orbi, I read the mindless psychobabble over on ’their’ pages and have two questions...(1) if it was ’a while after your breakup they got together’ why is it TMZ has a video of the two of you hand in hand - shot in Feb? THEY STARTED DATING THE FIRST WEEK OF MARCH...a while ago?

Kat Von D has always worn her heart on her sleeve and we love her for it!

She subsequently acquired her own TLC series, LA Ink, which chronicled her work at her tattoo shop, High Voltage Tattoo, in Hollywood, California.

On the show, she gained the Guinness World Record of most tattoos given by a single person in 24 hours, with a total of 400.

this is an exert from a letter i mailed to my friend sarah..only way i can look at her is like kuklinski, " the ice man" .. I know this is a leap year and Feb had that extra day but come on...2) all the muck about the filming was so long ago, why is it they (so she said in her blog) just wrapped up the filming this month? i guess it’s all relative...( and that when they went PUBLIC)hmmmm Source= His Myspace I know.

that assassin guy that has no feelings on the bio channel... I can't stand it when like, my message board posts have errors in them.

Before Kat Von D began dating Jesse James -- she was in a relationship with Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx for more than two years ... this weekend, where he told a photog, "You know, it's hard when you [were] just told by someone you dated for two-and-a-half years that you're the love of their life ...

and dude says it's been "hard" to see her move on so quickly. and then they move on so quickly."Nikki and Kat broke up back in January -- but he claims he doesn't hold a grudge ...

The multi-talented tattoo artist has never shied away from showing off her boos, so we've rounded up her love life in five clicks: MORE: Discover the Meaning Behind Kat Von D's Most Gorgeous Tattoos When Kat started dated Jesse James we all could have sworn they were going to get married but that definitely wasn't the case.

The two started dating in 2010 and were engaged by January 2011.

They broke up a couple months later but then got back together.

By September 2011, Von D announced they were no longer together and it was all because he cheated on her.

Kat Von D just keeps getting the fuzzy end of the lollipop!