Is kelly rowland dating 50 cent

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Is kelly rowland dating 50 cent - over 50 dating agencies

His stage name developed from his neighbourhood nickname of 'Jazzy'.It also acts as a tribute to his musical mentor, Jaz-O.

On Angela Yee’s Lip Service, the G-Unit leader shared his insight on relationships and sex.I like to float away.” On Rihanna and Erykah Badu leaving dudes sick after they break up with them: “Rihanna got a thing with her where she leaves the guys looking like they was the girls. The only person iller than her is Erykah Badu.” [Ha!] 50 had to pick who he would smash, marry or kill between Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Chelsea Handler: “I’d smash Rihanna because I didn’t do it.Here are the highlights: On if he’s congratulated Ciara on her pregnancy, expecting a baby with Future: “I haven’t. I may actually do a show [Chelsea Lately] before it’s over.” When asked if he was still friends with Chelsea, “Yea Yea…And me and Ciara are still friends. You know how women say she need closure and she need to have that conversation or whatever it is…that may spin me right back into the actual relationship.It’s not that I don’t appreciate the time that we spent during that period. On how he broke up with Vivica: “You know what happens…the touring.Shawn Carter was brought up in Brooklyn, New York, and raised by his mother alongside his three siblings.

He claims to have been shot at three times in his life, and his lyrics refer to selling crack cocaine.

Kelly Rowland’s Cosmetic Line for Dark Skinned Women The cosmetic world has been geared toward the lighter side of the skin tone spectrum for far too long, and Kelly Rowland is taking it upon herself to design cosmetics especially for ladies with darker skin.

On creating the line, she says: “It’s just a trip to me.

50 Cent is spilling all types of tea on his previous relationships with celebs including Ciara, Vivica Fox and Chelsea Handler.

You won’t believe which of his past flings had him sprung (well, you might), how they broke up and what he said about Rihanna and (dropping June 3rd), 50 Cent hit up “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” where he dished on his past relationships with dancing diva Ciara, actress Vivica A. In the interview, 50 revealed whether he has called Ciara since finding out she was pregnant (he's definitely still cool with her fam!

'" PHOTOS: Biggest celebrity feuds "It's like if you're in an elevator and you're attacked, you can't do nothing,” he added, taking a cheeky dig at Jay Z, after his elevator brawl with Solange Knowles. Moving swiftly on, Cohen asked the rapper what sex with Kim Kardashian was like.

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