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This article contains significant spoilers about secret identities and character allegiances.To achieve that goal, the Black Organization commits various crimes to maintain its secrecy, remove obstacles, and gather funding and resources for its mysterious research projects.The members of the organization are given code names based on alcoholic beverages.The known internal division agents are focused on in-house research and development. Just look at Kate's tweets, she hasn't really said why though.The new Netflix series “Ingobernable” — “Ungovernable” — is set in Mexico.

But when it came time to start filming the Spanish-language drama last summer, the show’s star had a problem: She couldn’t go there without risking arrest.

It is likely you will be spoiled if you have not read all the manga released to date.

To find out what pages will be safe for you to read, please consult our wiki spoiler policy. It is a secret criminal syndicate with a hidden objective.

Less publicized are the problems it has caused for Del Castillo, who was vilified by Mexican officials for befriending Guzman, and who said her career has suffered in the fallout.

In the new show, Del Castillo plays Mexican First Lady Emilia Urquiza, who goes on the run when she is falsely accused of killing her husband.“Of course there’s an analogy, because I too have been persecuted,” Del Castillo said in a recent phone interview from Los Angeles.

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