Kay guitar dating

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Kay guitar dating

Hey Zach, I have someone interested in purchasing this guitar, and I can’t find anything out about it.

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I’ve found that the best way to date a guitar is to look at old catalogs.

Four questions are included to properly register your Kay bass.

After answering the questions, send the info, and I will be able to add your Kay Bass to the database.

Henry Kay Kuhrmeyer, who later became company president, offered use of his middle name on the more popular Kay-Kraft series of Stromberg-Voisenet´s guitars, mandolins and banjos.

The Kay era began when Henry Kay Kuhrmeyer bought the Stromberg-Voisenet company in 1928.

Well, we know right away that this is a Kay guitar from the metal plate on the headstock.

Along with Harmony and Washburn, Kay was one of the mass producers of guitars between the 1930s and 1960s in the Chicago area.

The number I can see inside through an f-hole is “L 5573.” Could you please tell me what I have and what it’s worth?

Thanks, Joseph in Richmond, Kentucky Hey Joseph, Cool guitar!

Kay was very good about issuing a catalog every year, and they appear to be fairly accurate and up to date. After a little research, I found an exact match to your guitar in the 19/68 Kay catalogs.

Browsing these old catalogs is usually very interesting and it has become a pasttime of many collectors – simply to gain more information on guitars.

This makes for a very difficult (and often frustrating) process to identify a Kay guitar.