Kevin johnson dating michelle rhee

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Kevin johnson dating michelle rhee

After Rhee and Johnson left, Trump met with Betsy De Vos, a Republican megadonor and education activist from Michigan who is also considered a candidate for education secretary.Trump spokesman Jason Miller said some of Trump’s meetings are to get advice and others are for possible cabinet appointments. But he’s mentioned Rhee, who is Asian-American, in response to questioning about women and minorities who may be considered for a top job.

She stepped back from her own political activism last year and focused more of her attention on working with Johnson.Rhee has appeared with Jeb Bush to defend Common Core. Rhee subsequently founded a school reform group, Students First, which advocates for school-choice alternatives. Hope Public Schools, a Sacramento-based charter school organization founded by her husband.Johnson was first elected Sacramento mayor in 2008 and leaves the position next month.“Kevin and I view our goals in life and public service as a team,” Rhee said at the time.“He was right there with me when we created this organization and has worked alongside me throughout these past four years.He became the mayor of Sacramento in 2008 and was reelected in 2012.

In late 2010, she founded Students First, a non-profit organization that works on education reform.

Upon her return, they enrolled her in a private school because they felt the public school was lacking. She later earned a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University's John F. Inspired by a PBS special that she saw during her senior year in college, Rhee signed up with Teach For America, went through their five-week summer training program, then worked for three years as a teacher in Baltimore, Maryland.

She graduated from the private Maumee Valley Country Day School in 1988, and went on to Cornell University where she received a B. Rhee told Washingtonian magazine that she was demoralized by her first year of teaching, but said to herself, "I’m not going to let eight-year-old kids run me out of town." She said she took courses over the summer and received her teacher's certification, then returned to teach at Harlem Park.

Rhee, who is married to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, was nowhere to be found at the downtown premiere of “Down in the Valley,” the shelved TV movie documenting Johnson’s successful campaign to keep the Kings from moving to Seattle.

public schools chancellor who founded the national advocacy group Students First, has retreated recently from public view.

When asked by reporters about the meeting, Trump said it “went great, went great.” He said Rhee is a “real talent” before adding praise for Johnson as well, declaring “both greatly talented.” It was the second meeting of the day for Trump as he considers cabinet appointments.