Kim kardashian dating royalty

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Kim kardashian dating royalty - Sexy chat hook up

An explosive new book, Kim by Sean Smith, reveals all the juicy details about Kimmy's early relationships and her fling with TJ.The A Lister spoke candidly about her first time, claiming that she went to her mum for advice.

Unlike some young California socialites, Kim provided a positive role model for her teen fanbase – not camping out in nightclubs nor whittling herself down to a size zero.

Added to that are endorsement deals which have included cup cake mix, trainers, diet products and, even at one point, a debit card ("the Kardashian Kard").

Her dominance began with , a series that showcased the clan's fabulous LA lifestyle.

"I thought, if only people knew the crazy things that go on in this household, it would be so funny," Kim Kardashian once said.

Now, of course, everyone does know what goes on in her family, and she's parlayed the craziness into an estimated million fortune.

So now that a source has come forward to reveal the two are about to get their ring shopping on, we're only baffled. She may have vowed to never speed things up again after the Kris Humphries disaster, but if she feels it in her heart, she's gonna do it.

They're so serious, she's happy to book more flights just to be with him. As soon as she was done with the White House Correspondents' Dinner, she flew right back to NYC for a Broadway date! and Just don't plan on her and Beyonce becoming bestiez anytime soon, ha!!

American reality star Kim Kardashian and her Rapper Beau Kanye West will reportedly have a wedding with a royal theme.

Pop icon Lady Gaga has also apparently been roped in for a performance.

"Kanye is obsessed with creating moments, like he did with the baseball-stadium engagement.

Now he's working on all these huge surprises for the wedding, but as a result she has virtually no idea what is going to happen at her own wedding.

Made-up to mannequin perfection, the reality star completed the look with a face full of slap.