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1011/3), married to Baldwin IV, Count of Flanders * Matilda (c. 1033 Other marriages / children Richard was betrothed to Astrid (Estritha), daughter of Sweyn Forkbeard, King of England, Denmark, and Norway, and Sigrid the Haughty.

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Guillaume de Jumièges records his death in 1026[151].

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Le tribunal correctionnel de Dijon a condamné, ce mardi 11 juillet 2017, un ancien patron de sex-shop dijonnais à 18 mois de prison avec sursis pour avoir importé et vendu des pilules pour booster l'activité sexuelle.

"l' Irascible", "The Good", "The Irascible", "Richard the Good", "Duke of Normandy", "Richard The Good ; Richard le Bon", "Doke Richard II of Normandy", ""Le Bon"", "Richard II the /Normandy/", "Richard II ' The Good' Of /Normandy/", "Richard //", "Richard II "le Bon" /Duke Of..." Son of Richard I, ' The Fearless', Duke of Normandy and Gunnor, duchess of Normandy Husband of Judith of Brittany Ex-husband of Papia, Duchesse de Envermeu Fiancé of Prinsesse af Danmark Estrid Margrethe Svendsdatter, Princess of Denmark Father of Richard III, duke of Normandy; Robert I "the Magnificent", Duke of Normandy; Adeliza (Alice) of Normandy, Countess of Burgundy; William of Normandy, de Fecamp; Eleanor of Normandy Count of Rouen,4 Duke of Normandy, Hertig av Normandie, Hertig av Normandie 966-1027, Hertig i Normand, The Good Duke of Normandy, 4th Duke Of Normandy (996- ), ALIA: The /Good/ Title: Duke Of Normandy Note: Richard ruled Normandy 996-1026., Jarl, Herttua * Richard (c. 1003/5), married Renaud I, Count of Burgundy * Robert (c. Ademar names Richard as son of "Richardus Rotomagensis"[145].

The engangement was broken LINKS Lands/NORMANDY.htm#_Toc148955359 RICHARD, son of RICHARD I "Sans-Peur" Comte [de Normandie] & his second wife Gunnora --- (-).

is a very singular individual who belongs to no place, with no country, no father or motherland, and yet who feels everywhere at home.

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