Lindsy lohan dating

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Lindsy lohan dating - speed dating in stockton ca

Lindsay Lohan has been quietly piecing together a resume of advocacy for the Syrian refugee crisis gripping the Middle East.

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The 31-year-old actress was reading a book on the beach – “The Honeymoon” by Tina Seskis – while chatting with her pals. She was seen soaking up the sun last month while poolside with her group.

29-year-old Lohan has reportedly been dating London estate agent Egor Tarabasov for the past several months.

She met the 22-year-old Russia native back in October, and they have been inseparable since – he even spent Christmas with her family.

The supposed source goes on to say, “But Putin pooh-poohed Li Lo’s scheme! It’s all made-up nonsense courtesy of unscrupulous, sensational tabloids.

“He is a perfect boyfriend and — as he is quite wealthy — pays for quite a lot of stuff like meals out and trips away.

The newspaper: "Egor drank too much and he went crazy."The duo had another fight on the balcony of the flat they shared in Knightsbridge, London, which was filmed by a neighbour.

During that incident, Lindsay accused Egor of assaulting her, shouting: "Please, please. He almost killed me."The police were subsequently called to the scene but no-one was charged.A few hours later he came back and when I woke up he was standing over me. I didn't call anyone, I've dealt with enough police in LA.He wasn't himself, he was being very aggressive and he attacked me."She explained: "I've kept quiet for so long but now I'm scared of what Egor might do to me and to himself'"It's not the first time. I just left the house and went to the Connaught [Hotel] for the night."I contacted my good friend [Israeli socialite] Hofit Golan who was in St Tropez.“Lindsay has obviously had some issues in the past, and probably been attracted to the wrong sort of guys, but this is different,” the source revealed.“He’s a bit younger than she is, but he’s a very smart businessman.Reflecting on the balcony incident, Lindsay said: "Egor and I had been out for dinner.

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