List of dating sim games for psp

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List of dating sim games for psp

The gaming packaging is quite extensive featuring a standard version: copy of the game and a picture of one of the girls, priced at 5,229 Yen.The Limited Production Package retails at 7,329 Yen and nets you a copy of the game, 3 photos and a 120 minute UMD video disc with exclusive footage not found in the game.

In fact, you could argue that the handheld has more quality role-playing games than the PS3 does.

At some jobs you may encounter boys to develop relationships with. The game is mostly about learning to carry out "makeup" ideas on different clients so you can get your professional license at the end.

However, along the way you also get to style your own character and date three different boys: Chris, Aaron, and Sean.

These games are consistent, well executed and unique - something that can't be said of many more popular titles on the PSP, and on other consoles, as well. The steep learning curve is well worth overcoming, and the sheer amount of content in this game is absurd. What feels plodding to some is simply methodical to Monster Hunter fans.

I also chose to omit solid but flawed games like Shiren the Wanderer, the Star Ocean remakes, Cladun, and Crimson Gem Saga because their appeal is a little too niche - and they don't really bring much new to the table, anyway. Think a portable Demon's Souls, but with more accessible multiplayer.

The Premier Special Pack includes the game, earlier mentioned UMD, 2 DVDs with 240 minute making of features, 10 pictures, kiss mark stickers (48), selectable jackets for the game's case (48 variations), a special box, a special PSP-3000 unit, and a set of 48 kiss mark battery covers and will retail for a lovely 36,729 yen.

For the real hardcore, there is the AKB 1/48 Idol to Koishitara Single Print Run Version. There's only one copy available in the entire world and it includes everything from the Premiere Pack except for the PSP.

I’m here to make a confession today: I love otome games.

Fine, if you read this site I’ll admit you’ve probably already figured that out by my series “Let’s Get it On,” but I’m mentioning this specifically because it’s super nerdy.

Visual novels tend to be extremely story-driven with the outcomes determined by the choices you make along a branching story route.

Dating sims often have you scheduling your character’s time in order to raise specific stats by doing certain activities.

You'll spend hours on a single hunt, taking it slowly at first, rushing in, dying, and trying all over again. Persona 3 is one of the most unique JRPGs in recent memory, and it made quite a splash on the PS2 back in 2007.

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