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By Obinna Chima with agency report Thousands of Nigerian migrant girls being brought to Italy are in great danger of being forced into prostitution in Europe, and they are often naive about their fate in the hands of the traffickers, the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) reported yesterday.

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In 2014, the trickle of a few hundred women a year grew to nearly 1,500. In 2016, at least 11,009 Nigerian women and girls arrived on Italian shores. Now, they come the “back way” — the smuggling route that has developed across Africa to bring hundreds of thousands of Africans to Europe.

Some three thousand refugees and migrants, mostly sub-Saharan Africans, silent and barefoot, stood nearby in rows of ten. The Libyans ordered male migrants to carry the inflated boats into the water, thirty on each side.

They waded in and held the boats steady as a smuggler directed other migrants to board, packing them as tightly as possible.

Officially, at least five thousand and ninety-eight migrants died in the Mediterranean last year, but Libya’s coastline is more than a thousand miles long, and nobody knows how many boats sink without ever being seen. “Follow it.” Each boat left with only enough fuel to reach international waters.

Several of the migrants had written phone numbers on their clothes, so that someone could call their families if their bodies washed ashore. In one dinghy, carrying a hundred and fifty people, a Nigerian teen-ager named Blessing started to cry. In recent years, tens of millions of Africans have fled areas afflicted with famine, drought, persecution, and violence.

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