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The hypocrisy is being a judicial activist and pretending not to be one. QUESTION FROM RUBY: My children are homeschooled, i teach them myself, and the values i teach them are conservative, especially when it comes to how we are to interpret the constitution—as you say judicial restraint as opposed to judicial activism—don’t you believe it is important to imbue our children with the traditional values that support the Constitution? But the Constitution often involves conflicting values—freedom of speech vs. QUESTION FROM DAVID: Can you touch on why this was not dismissed as a political question issue?QUESTION FROM MARGIE: I just watched last night’s interview with justice Stevens on 60 minutes and I wonder if me. Wouldn’t the House of Representatives have been able to judge the propriety of the certification from the state electoral college?

Tickets to 22 shows sold out in 15 minutes and Bush aficionados—who had long since made peace with the fact that they’d never see the British singer-songwriter live—travelled from around the world to witness Bush’s two-act performance of what is now known as.As many music enthusiasts know, Bush rarely gives interviews and when she does, she holds her cards close to her chest. I split it up into working on the two narrative pieces that can tell a story.But in a rare interview via phone from her home in the U. The scariest thing was whether I’d be any good performing live again. I think in some ways it’s changing in a very positive way.“Clearly this not how women should be spoken about.But were not choosing a Sunday school teacher here,” Trump’s former campaign manager turned CNN surrogate Corey Lewandowski said this afternoon, telegraphing what will be the campaign’s damage control strategy over the next 48 hours.Fearing a reprise of the riot that ensued when Milo Yiannopoulos was to speak on campus a few months ago, Berkeley rescinded Coulter’s invitation, citing safety concerns.

Some students, it seems, are so enraged by Coulter’s and Milo’s ideas that their hecklers’ veto turns violent.By not allowing the recount to proceed the Supreme Court decided the election, when they simply should have passed. JEFFREY TOOBIN: I can’t disagree with much of what you said. Gore extensively in my book “The Nine.” I’ve been accused of being somewhat obsessed with the decision. QUESTION FROM WILLIAM MCEWAN: That election could have been called either way. It is true that if the Supreme Court had done the right thing and let Florida handle its own election, Bush might well have won. Just elect the candidates of your choice president and keep electing them.Bush’s reelection four years later kinda makes the whole thing moot. But the reelection is irrelevant to what happened in 2000. I think for the most part they operate in good faith. QUESTION FROM TONY F.: The get over it excuse, which Scalia puts forth, is that almost an admission that it was political, rather than a legal reasoning? The court is a reliable reflector of the broader politics of the day. QUESTION FROM MAGGIE: What has the court done to restore its credibility over the past ten years? QUESTION FROM LEWIS: Precisely how unprecedented is the current court’s blend of conservatism, both preached and practiced, and activism?Or do you think that these two notions can co-exist, so long as the politically conservative justice doesn’t simultaneously try to pass for a champion of judicial restraint? If I may offer a small complaint, it followed with great precision all the subjects (even the quotes) in my New Yorker profile of Justice Stevens earlier this year. JEFFREY TOOBIN: There is a fascinating debate between Scalia (majority) and Stevens (dissent) in Heller, about who is being the true originalist on the subject of the second amendment.JEFFREY TOOBIN: I don’t think there is any hypocrisy in being a political conservative and a judicial activist. Since I don’t really buy originalism, I can’t say that either one persuaded me too much. The answers to these conflicts are neither simple nor easy to define.: Jeffrey Toobin will be joining us in just a few minutes. The court intruded where ‘the founding fathers’ specifically stated in the constitution (the ‘selective’ strict Constitutionalist’s always overlook this) that the Supreme Court h…as no place deciding Presidential elections, that is purely the domain of the House of Representatives. Supreme Court’s deepest shame and disgrace; and has seriously harmed their credibility. And the country paid, dearly, including a colossal loss in respect for the rule of law. Therefore, it leaves a lasting stain in the history of the Republic; even if the case is never cited. JEFFREY TOOBIN: It’s easy to change the Supreme Court.

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