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The abandoned shop -now fronted by a locked iron gate -housed Velvet Touch Massage in the mid-1990s, a parlour raided by Toronto police, who found then councillor Jack Layton in the nude.When reports of that raid emerged three days before the May 2 federal election, he explained: “There was no wrongdoing at all. The police advised that it wasn’t the greatest place to be, and I left and I never went back.” Mr.

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The number of illicit massage parlours and holistic centres in the city is impossible to pinpoint, but a source in the strip-club industry estimates there are 800, while one city councillor suggests it is closer to 3,000.

WINNIPEG — Winnipeg police have charged two women with extortion after a Winnipeg man said he was sexually assaulted at a city spa and then blackmailed for cash.

And it’s possible there may be more victims out there, police said.

Global News has confirmed the spa is “Simi Magic Spa.” A sign on its front door says it’s closed for maintenance.

Pam Sandhu, 22, is charged with extortion, voyeurism, sexual assault and conspiracy to commit an indictable offence.

Freeing the jing chi of the sexual organs--a powerful source of healing energy--Karsai Nei Tsang helps to resolve physical and emotional blockages in the pelvic area through massage, meridian clearing, and detoxification.

Illustrating complete sexual organ massages for women and for men, this book guides you through the techniques of Karsai Nei Tsang--including necessary detox preparations and the underlying Chi Nei Tsang principles--and shows you how to release knots and tight muscles (including the hip, buttock, and thigh muscles), unravel nerve and lymphatic tangles, dissolve toxins and sediments, and increase blood flow to the pelvic area.“Rating: 5/5 Overall, I’m very happy with this book. ” (True Pleasures, July 2012) HEALTH Our sexual organs play a major role in our physical and emotional health.It’s a wonderful addition to my library, and I’m planning on giving hubby one of these massages each weekend to ensure my possibilities of sex and sleeping in. Many emotional traumas and stresses are stored in the pelvic region in the form of tension in the muscles, ligaments, and tendons and imbalances in the meridians and organs, resulting in an accumulation of toxins and energetic knots and tangles.At some point he alleges he was sexually assaulted and then noticed the sexual act had been captured on camera, police said.The employees then said he had to pay them thousands of dollars or they were going to release the video.MANTAK CHIA, world-famous Inner Alchemy and Qi Gong master, founded the Universal Healing Tao System in 1979.

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