Mazda updating

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Mazda updating

If you happen to be looking for a specific amenity inside your Mazda CX-5, Mazda3, or anything in between, you can do just that by reviewing the list of standard and optional gadgets included in each of our vehicles.

By using our handy filters, you can refine your results to include the vehicles that suit your requirements the best.

Each listing offers a full catalog of all the standard and optional features you’ll discover inside the cabins of our vehicles.

Regardless if you’ve been searching for a responsive infotainment system, a suite of driver-assistance gadgets, or anything in between, our cars contain all the tools that you use the most.

That way, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to get more familiar with our selection.

Whether you opt to stop by our showroom or browse online, you’ll find the same lineup of new Mazda automobiles from which to choose.

In general, the refreshed CX-5’s interior details are classier. Mazda’s switch to an electric parking brake frees up real estate on the console where the conventional handbrake once lived.

There are nicer materials and tasteful accent trim on the dashboard and console. Thoughtful touches include padding where one’s knee might rest against the side of the center console when, say, exercising our test car’s 0.81 g of lateral grip on a fun-to-drive, twisty road. There are two USBs and an auxiliary jack in an easily accessible open storage bin beneath the center stack.

You can easily view the specifications of that motor on our listings.

That way, you can quickly gather information on a few Mazda automobiles that interest you and bring it along when you visit us in person.

That being said, there is still significant room for Mazda to improve the CX-5.

Although it answered its critics’ biggest gripe from the 2013 (underpowered 2.0L engine upgraded to 2.5L), there are still many little things that make you shake your head.

Aside from some new LED head-, tail-, and fog lamps available on upper trim levels and a revised five-bar shield grille, the 2016 CX-5 possesses the same design grace and poise as its predecessor.

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