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Monique coleman dating - updating t mobile dash

Bij het grote publiek brak ze door in de rol van Taylor Mc Kessie in de jeugdfilm High School Musical.

It is really amazing to know that the pair chose Valentine's day to mark their big day while the rest of the world was just on a V-day date which is too mainstream.Taylor, impressed and delighted to have a worthy potential member on her hands, tries to get Gabriella to join the team to beat their rivals in West High.While doing so she shows Gabriella the ropes in East High, and the two become best friends.During her high school Coleman even wrote, directed, produced and starred in a play entitled ' Voice From Within' in front of hundreds of standing audience.She acted in movies such as High School Musical(2006) and High School Musical 3: Senior year.In High School Musical 3 she chooses to take Political Science as her profession at Yale University.

Though she appears significantly less then the other main cast members, she is still very much considered a main character, though she does have a significant role in the first movie.

star, Monique Coleman really got into the spirit because she showed up at Heidi Klum’s 10th Annual Halloween Party as Zombie Beyoncé! You’ve got to give her props because the outfit certainly is…frightening.

Her friend, Jason Williams dressed as First Lady Michelle Obama, in case you were wondering.

When we first meet Taylor she is the head of the science club and captain of the East High Scholastic Decathlon Team.

She befriends Gabriella when Sharpay Evans stuffs Gabriella's science and math awards in her locker.

The movie won several awards in Chicago film festival.