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So the pair agreed to meet up for coffee after the show, and Amanda brought some of her friends along, just to be safe. "I lucked out." The two are now dating exclusively, and they credit the love-the-one-you're-near philosophy of Skout with setting them up. "I was like, 'Oh we're at the same place, why not discuss the show?

Surprisingly, Dating Anyone isn't the only player in this space - a more lightweight service called Single does exactly the same thing.A key architect was tech expert Toan Nguyen who helped stabilize the Myspace platform when Brad Greenspan asked him to join the team.Co-founder and CTO Aber Whitcomb played an integral role in software architecture, utilizing the then superior development speed of Cold Fusion over other dynamic database driven server-side languages of the time.However, Single charges a one-time fee of .95 for notifications, while Dating Anyone is free.On a similar note, newly-launched Stalkerati lets you search for a person's name across multiple services - social networks, blogs and image search.Tinder has plenty of competition these days, with upstarts like Hinge, The League, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, and a slew of others raising capital, introducing new features/improvements, and growing their user bases.

Just like social media platforms, dating platforms thrive on network effects, with large growing active user bases typically attracting more users and thus reinforcing growth in a positive feedback loop.They have a global user base that is rumored to be approaching 100 million, with high user engagement to boot.Being the first mover in a new consumer market doesn’t ensure you will come out on top though.This isn't feeding the My Space beast - it's more like leeching off it.But these services all add value, so hopefully My Space won't feel the need to throttle them or (worse still) build an in-house version.Dating Anyone helps you track the dating status of people on your My Space friends list, and presumably catch them on the rebound.