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SUNA GPS Traffic Updates is compatible with the current Navigation Systems listed below. Alternatively, if you already own a navigation device, please view the brands listed below to see whether your device brand is currently compatible and whether you will need any additional hardware to access the service.]Across the complete site there are always 100s of visitors at all times.

I think I will email the developer as this seems to be a bug that's been there for a few updates now.On this page we will explain how to update the music CD data (Gracenote database) for your HDD navigation system. Save the decompressed data from step 4 to CD-R or CD-RW media. To display file extensions, open "My Computer," click the "Tools" menu, then select "Folder Options." Click the "View" tab and uncheck the "Hide extensions for known file types" option (Windows only). *If the vehicle battery is low due to cold weather, the battery may become drained during the update. Power up the MMCS and display the map or AV screen. *Screenshots may show items that are not displayed in some vehicle types. When the version update is completed, a message reading “CDDB update has completed.”* will appear on the screen.The procedure is outlined in the following illustrations. *The screen shown appears when English is selected. After decompressing, save three files with the extensions ". *There are two datas: "Data1""Data2",and these cannot be saved in same CD-R or CD-RW media. To prevent this, turn off any devices that use the battery, such as lights, air conditioner, etc., and perform the update with leaving the engine running. The ‘AV MODE Selection screen’ shown on the right appears in the 2007 model. A version update progress screen will be displayed, and the update will begin. The screen will automatically return to the AV MODE screen. When the version update is completed, a message reading “CDDB update has completed.”* will appear on the screen. TXT" files were correctly written to the CD-R or CD-RW created in step 5.Although the ‘Back’ button appears on the bottom right of the screen in the 2006 model due to a defect, the screen will not change even if you click it. Note, however, that these maps will need much of the storage memory, so it might be advisable to make use of an extra sd-card.

If you want to make use of your external sd-card for storing the maps, read the instructions This app needs an internet connection.

The official name for this upgrade is the nu Maps Guarantee – to become eligible you will need to firstly register your Nuvi GPS on the Garmin website mapping section.

Put simply, if you register your sat nav within ninety days (or three months) of it first receiving a satellite section – so in other words from the first time you used it – then you can get a free Nuvi map update.

Downloading new maps for Garmin Nuvi GPS devices has never been easier and Garmin offer a number of different options for a customer that is looking for Garmin Nuvi Map Updates – follow our easy to understand guide below to updating your Nuvi device and you will be back driving your car or truck with renewed confidence in no time at all.

Whether you want to get free map updates, or are prepared to pay a small fee for a new map upgrade, there are a number of options – all of which are extremely good value for money.

The reason Garmin do this is to ensure that new customers and owners of their GPS products have the most up to date maps from the point they first purchase the Nuvi product. Despite the fact the Nuvi 750 is one of Garmin’s older GPS products; you can still get map updates for the unit.

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