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detailing the rise of online dating and the effect it’s had on web culture.

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On a recent episode of “Parks and Recreation,” a character uses a (fake) New Yorker article about the history of ladders to neutralize the sexual tension between coworkers. Then again, the banality of the thing is often the best challenge there is. He did not want to be scolded for endangering himself or harming company property.

Creating an online dating profile can be difficult; it’s hard to find the right things to say about yourself that will help the site, whether algorithmically-based or not, help match you with the right person, the co-founders said.

Not to mention the facts that messaging a stranger can be a somewhat stressful process, and meeting them in person without much in the way of background is awkward, and sometimes unsafe.

Elevators are the most horrible places imaginable about two percent of their time.

For the other ninety-eight percent of the time, elevators have little sex appeal, and so do 8,000-word features on them. Now go: He occupied himself with thoughts of remaining calm and decided that he’d better not do anything drastic, because, whatever the malfunction, he thought it unwise to jostle the car, and because he wanted to be (as he thought, chuckling to himself) a model trapped employee.

So, the San Francisco-based startup is offering a platform that aims to be a bit more social and perhaps less intimidating that the model championed by current dating sites: Double dates.

Duo Dater is aimed at men and women in their 20s and 30s who are looking to socialize and meet new people — with the help of a co-pilot.It’s clear that much of the early blush (read: stigma) around using online platforms to meet new people and pursue relationships has worn off.But anyone who’s spent any time on dating websites knows that plenty of friction still exists, whether it be in the awkwardness of online-to-offline interaction, the inherent dangers of meeting an e Stranger, or the problem of having to rely on algorithms and science to find your perfect “match.” As much as dating sites strive to find a scientific method (or a more efficient way) by which to introduce us to the loves of our lives, many of them still feel impersonal and gimmicky, and, as Paumgarten points out in his article, it’s for this reason that online dating remains an isolating pursuit.A lot of feature writers might look at something like online dating, interview two or three people, collect a few stories and anecdotes, mash it together and call it a day.But by my count, Paumgarten talked to at least 25 people for this story.A few days ago I stepped onto an elevator, heading out for an afternoon coffee. At about 10am on the same day, a woman stepped into an elevator at 285 Madison Avenue.

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    The series concluded on 27 June 2011 after 8 episodes.