Noisy intimidating neighbours

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A gathering of people in a place or vehicle is considered an out‑of‑control gathering if: permit, or gatherings for political advocacy, protest or industrial action.

And when faced with excessive noise, verbal or physical abuse from a neighbour, there are appropriate steps to take to curb the behaviour. Disruptive behaviour can include anything that interferes with the enjoyment of your apartment.

Graffiti costs the Western Australian community more than million annually.

Public protests and rallies are considered in terms of lawful and unlawful assembly.

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Children are loud, they move fast, they make strange noises and sometimes they engage in behavior that dogs classify as rude and obnoxious.

Unfortunately, that is just how children behave and it is difficult to control all the children that your dog will meet so although I do recommend educating and arming children with good doggy social skills, it is also imperative that dogs are subjected to the world of children in a fun and positive way.

Enjoying your strata-titled property surrounded by respectful neighbours is a core entitlement of communal living.

However on rare occasions that serenity may be broken by a disruptive neighbour.

It always surprises me when child aggressive dogs at shelters are placed in “child-free” homes.

Even for those of us who don’t have children…we have children in our lives.

Nieces, nephews, friend’s children, step children they are everywhere and cannot be constantly avoided.