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We can work together to make you’re service work for you and be fun.My most important goal is to let young carers know that they are not alone.

Yet the one thing that worries me much more is the threat of stranger danger.

I understand the need to have fun, to talk and meet other young carers.

I want to make a difference and help young carers to see that they are not on their own.

My son is almost 9, but incredibly friendly, super trusting, and also at times a show-off.

Would he be the kid who could easily be coerced into seeing a new puppy or chatting to a stranger about the joys of his favorite football team?

There’s not an easy fix for the situation, but a cross platform solution would enable Google to overtake platforms like i Message and Black Berry Messenger in one sweeping gesture.

According to multiple sources reporting separately to, this service is being called Babble, and it’s being built fresh from the ground up to solve these problems.The site aims to bring together Young Carers from across the UK in an online space which is safe, fun and supportive.Now, when I say alone, he walks with three other boys all the same age.Carers Trust want to make sure as many young carers, and especially hidden young carers, get to hear of it. I’m a young carer and have been since I was 5 years old, I understand what your experiencing and I’m here to help.Horses Mouth This is described as an ‘e-mentoring’ website.

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