Outlook updating schedule information retrieving busy

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3) Give Editor permission to the individuals that have to update the appointment items from the resource Calendar folder.

Some people work around this by adding a bunch of rooms to the meeting invite so that they can see the free/busy information for them, and then remove all of them except for the one they want to keep.

Yes, I tried outlook /cleanfreebusy and gpupdate /force and yes, I do change the # of months to show from 2 to 6 (needed to update) Any ideas/insights please? In Outlook 2013, it shows your free/busy schedule of all attendees. 1) Set up delegate account that automatically responds to meeting requests that come to resource mailboxes.

You should specify what version of Outlook client you are using as well. Microsoft Outlook remains logged on to delegate account that handles the resource booking.

If you’re busy and want to keep up with your messages you can go as low as every one minute.

You can also get to the Send/Receive groups by selecting Send/Receive tab on the Ribbon and then , then the Send/receive button.

In my testing of this feature it took around 24 hours for the room list to start appearing properly in Outlook, so if you don't see immediate results you might just need to wait a while.

After it is working properly you'll now see the room list in the Room Finder in Outlook.

That might work fine for some people but others would find it too cumbersome.

Fortunately Exchange Server 2010 and Outlook 2010 make it possible for people to easily find available rooms when they are setting up a meeting invite.

So, I know Exchange 2003 isn't supported anymore, there's a migration going on longterm. We created users dedicated to share calendars each representing a resource employees can "borrow", that part is working, can be automated (refusal, acceptance...).

However, the real issue is that I cannot seem to find a consistent way to get resource availability to show.

A room list is a special type of Exchange 2010 distribution group that contains room mailboxes.