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I don’t like Patti Stanger — she’s mean.” Stanger is 54, but she regularly appears on set in a miniskirt and sky-high heels. The predominance of casual sex has shifted control to men, and today, college campuses are full of young women wondering, after sexual encounters, when they might hear from that young man again. Call it mean, audacious, or downright cold, Stanger’s straight talk is how she gets through to her clients, who have included professional athletes, reality-television stars, and wealthy fortysomethings suspended in adolescence.

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Beyond that, she has separate lists of advice for men and for women, but they boil down to one idea: let men be men and let women be women.In other words, don’t answer an email with a phone call.In all cases, for both men and women, she thinks 48 hours on weekdays are enough time to respond to a call and 72 hours on weekends. (So write this down.) What’s the biggest obstacle for singles today? On your show, you really enforce a two-drink maximum. I think if you’re at dinner you could go to three, but I would be careful. They can’t drink men under the table, men can go further. So you can start in your neighborhood, but if you want to be really assertive and racy, go to a completely different neighborhood and restaurant. And it hurts you: A) if they’re a student or aren’t made of money, they don’t want to have to buy the whole group a round of drinks and B) you run the risk of your friend ruining your chances with a guy and C) you run the risk of your friend catching his eye! But scientifically, as women, there’s a chemical in your brain that basically, when you have sex – even “eh” sex, you don’t have to have an orgasm! Honestly, just get that done and you’ll feel 100% more confident. I definitely feel like you gotta wait awhile before papa bear gets to meet the guy. And just smile and look away, and when you catch his eyes, do the five-second flirt — holding eye contact and smiling. It’s showing he’s taking initiative – and you’re not going to have to do the work in the relationship. Most men go to the same restaurants, especially for happy hour, over and over again. Most men are intimidated by groups of women, and won’t go up to them. What are the three biggest hang-ups you see most women dealing with nowadays? And now there’s new places that will come to your house! What are some of your rules when it comes to introducing family? And on the flipside – what’s the biggest way to get over pre-meeting-the-parents jitters? Especially if you’re coming to a Latino household – always bring something for the parents, wine or something to eat. Bring a gender-neutral book and obviously, look your best. But if he comes over, that’s showing he’s a real guy.

Not with your 15 cats and not with your 20 hot guys or not with the alcohol in your hand and not the skydiving shot where I can barely see you. Get your hair done – Dry Bar is so affordable – buy those coupons and get a membership every month. And the first thing you want to do is be friendly to the bartender, no matter if it’s a girl or a guy. Order an appetizer, get a glass of wine and hangout. He doesn’t have a lot of money, fine, or he’s a total narcissist. But more importantly, if he doesn’t come over, he’s batting for the other team or a ton of other factors – you’re a brunette and he likes blondes, he’s married or seeing someone…

The laws of love, she has found, have not bent to the arc of the feminist movement.

She has observed that men still like feminine women, and women still like masculine men.

Here’s the journalist Jodi Walker writing in the women’s magazine : “I don’t like the premise that one side of a relationship needs to have money. It’s all a way of announcing: Pay attention, ladies, this is what men want.

I don’t like that the other side needs to have looks. Stanger regularly doles out beauty advice that many women are resistant to hearing: “Curly hair is like redheads — they just don’t get a lot of play,” she told the The age-old system in which women exerted great control over dating and romance by making men wait for sex has largely vanished. The men hold the reins: In a culture saturated by casual sex, there’s little incentive for them to learn how to romance women. Without rules, religious or social, to guide them, many women — and some men, too — find that dating has devolved into groping around in a dark closet, a confusing and often painful search for principles to guide the interactions between the sexes. She is the doyenne of what Alexis de Tocqueville called mores, which he defined largely as the “habits of the heart.” In America, Tocqueville said, “it is woman who shapes these mores,” through her clear-eyed view of the “vices and dangers of society.” The American woman, unlike the European, wasn’t sheltered or protected, so she developed a “singular skill” and “happy audacity” for navigating these vices and dangers, and an ability to steer her “thoughts and language through the traps of sprightly conversation.” As a result, “she is full of confidence in her own powers.” Though Tocqueville wrote in the mid 19th century, his words aptly describe Stanger.

No details at all, she didn’t even say what the event was or anything about it. She emailed me back and it turns out, she wanted to bring me as her guest to an event with Patti Stanger, Millionaire Matchmaker! When someone tries to set you up on a date…a friend, family member or you just get asked out on a date by a new guy, why can’t you just go, just to have fun?

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