Portal not updating ad information

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'End User self update' a solution to keep end-user info in Active Directory up-to-date and accurate; to make the end-user enter his alternate phone numbers (personal & emergency contact information); to standardize end-user profiles in Active Directory! An integral component of ADSelf Service Plus (the 3-in-1 password self-service tool), this feature empowers end users to self update their user contact update in Active Directory and personal info update without any assistance from IT helpdesk.Self service Active Directory Update offers a "Drag-n-Drop" customizable web interface, which puts more control in the hands of IT administrators/help desk, allowing them to standardize the format of end-user directory profiles.

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If no User Profile Service (UPS) is in place, this information won't change if AD info change.To update from Azure Active Directory Sync to Azure AD Connect, see the upgrade instructions. Or is there an object that was deleted on-premises, but is stuck in the cloud?Take a look at this Troubleshooting Errors during synchronization and support article for guidance on how to resolve these issues.Follow the instructions in the wizard to download Azure AD Connect.If you are still using Azure Active Directory Sync (Dir Sync), take a look at How to troubleshoot Azure Active Directory Sync Tool installation and Configuration Wizard error messages in Office 365 for information about the system requirements to install dirsync, the permissions you need, and how to troubleshoot common errors.Hi Community, I'm wondering if someone can assist me here.

I have an on-site Exchange (2010) that has just been migrated to Office 365.In decommissioning the old exchange I have been exporting the mailboxes to PST and disabling them through the Exchange Manager.This has had a profound effect on the SMTP addresses for my users.For details see Identify directory synchronization errors in Office 365.Active Users, and select Set up next to Active Directory synchronization.[UPDATE] This article refers to Directory Synchronization Tool (Dir Sync), which is now deprecated and replaced by Azure AD Connect (ADD Connect).