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Just as today, when one discusses cancer, death is assumed to be a likely consequence, then when one discussed fever, death was assumed to be a likely consequence.It was this view of morbidity that made yellow fever so feared simply because in the experience of these people who were so sensitive to fevers, yellow fever was most powerful and horrible. Epidemics prior to 1793 all seemed to be exceptions.

Two hundred years ago it was conceived in much the same way that we conceive of cancers.

We help our portfolio companies access Mc Kesson and its deep relationships with key stakeholders across the entire spectrum of health care, including payers, providers, pharmacies, manufacturers and health systems.

We know that success in health care requires sustained effort, collaboration and operational excellence and we are now applying our expertise to support leading health care startup companies through a dedicated strategic venture fund.

After William Penn’s arrival the land was sectioned out to various hamlets.

The Indigenous tribes started to die off because of fighting or disease and most of them left the river areas.

Then in the 1800s, the result was that Philadelphia had the world’s largest and most diverse growth spurt of in­dus­tri­al sectors which of course played a huge role in the Re­volu­tion­ary War.

In the 1600s, the King's Highway was built to go from Boston, Massachusetts to Charleston, South Carolina.

Mc Kesson Ventures targets companies that both catalyze and benefit from the key changes taking place in the health care ecosystem.

We seek companies in emerging growth areas at the center of these changes, including: Mc Kesson Ventures is focused on the long-term strategic needs of the industry and the Mc Kesson ecosystem – not the tactical needs of specific Mc Kesson business units.

We are a valuable partner to our portfolio companies, serving as a conduit to the many strengths, relationships and industry breadth of Mc Kesson.

We understand health care and we recognize the importance of responding and acting at a pace calibrated with early stage innovators.

A German medical practitioner Samuel Hahnemman developed the stream of medicine known as homeopathy during the end of the 18th century and since then homeopathic remedies have been effective in treating innumerable people suffering from various conditions for over 200 years now.

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