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The images in this photo gallery show the live remote camera viewing capability of the Android Mobile CMS app for i DVR.This Android app allows users to connect to one of more i DVR surveillance DVRs and view live streaming video from the CCTV cameras that are connected.

In addition to the excellent support for live camera viewing, users can also search through and playback recorded video surveillance footage using the Android app.

The app supports single, four camera, eight camera, and sixteen camera viewing modes.

When viewing in single camera mode, users can swipe the screen left and right to view the other cameras.

While useful, this app required you to schedule when to record in advance, resulting in you possibly missing the footage you intended to record (assuming your scheduling wasn't as on-point as you wished).

Now I'll be showing you another way to use your Android device as a security camera, only this time you'll be able to view it as a live stream from within any web browser—on your phone or computer.

You can limit the implementation to what you actually use of the camera API to limit the amount of work.

In the next section I'll quickly explain how to load one or another.

If the camera's returned aren't always in the same order this will already cause issues.

Alternative approach is to work with String objects and String representation of the old int camera IDs which is probably safer.

Please read and follow the steps in the See LICENSE Your use of this sample is subject to, and by using or downloading the sample files you agree to comply with, the Google APIs Terms of Service and the Google Cast SDK Additional Developer Terms of Service.

For this example I quickly fixed that by using the int as an index in the new API.

I'm thinking of not just using @deprecated classes, but how to make app with backward compatibility? I have idea about this: ICamera interface, that backed with Camera object corresponding on current phone version, but this is a bit straight forward and hard to maintain...

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