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OSFI is also the regulator for pension plans established in respect of employment in the Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut.Each province, except Prince Edward Island, has its own laws and regulations that govern pension plans in industries that are not under federal jurisdiction.

Sole proprietorships and partnerships simply move and register to do business by filing a DBA in the new location.

Dividends Tax applies to any dividend declared and paid from 1 April 2012 onwards, and the withholding agent (either the company or the regulated intermediary) should pay the tax withheld to SARS on or before the last day of the month following the month in which the dividend was paid.

Dividends Tax payments should be accompanied by a return (DTR01/02).

This Guide does not cover the details of your particular pension plan as your plan's terms and benefits can be more generous than the minimum requirements.

You should contact the plan administrator for the details of your pension plan.

consideration received by a company for the issue of shares).

It is triggered by the payment of a dividend by any: Some beneficial owners of dividends are entitled to an exemption (local and/or foreign persons) or a reduced rate (foreign persons) under the Dividends Tax system, whereas dividends received by them under the STC system were taxed in full in the company declaring the dividend.

Dividends Tax is payable by the beneficial owner of the dividend, but is withheld from the dividend payment and paid to SARS by a withholding agent.

The person liable for the tax, however, remains ultimately responsible to pay the tax should the withholding agent fail to withhold the correct amount of tax.

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) regulates and supervises private pension plans (including pooled registered pension plans) provided to employees whose employment falls under federal jurisdiction.

Employment under federal jurisdiction includes employment in banking, telecommunications and inter-provincial transportation.

Appendix A contains a glossary of some of the specialized terms used in this Guide. Appendix B contains information that you should be able to answer from information provided to you in your annual statement, plan booklet or from asking your plan administrator as well as information you should ask a financial advisor.

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