Sccm state messages not updating

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Sccm state messages not updating - Two way live webcams

Select the collection for which you want to enable the alerts.Right click the Device Collection and click on properties. [us_message color=”error”] Note – Do not select User Collections as the alerts are not supported.

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Config Mgr discovery then begins gathering data based on your configurations—for example, gathering all systems from a specific Active Directory organization unit (OU) or domain. These inventory classes also maintain history data that you can use in your reports. You might think that based on their name, these would be the most popular set of SQL views, but this is not the case. Software update reports are among the hardest reports to write. Figure 3.6 displays an example of the results from executing this query. Although status messages are not gathered from inventory classes, they contain the details and results of Config Mgr client actions. State Name as Status FROM v_Update Compliance Status UCS JOIN v_Update Info UI ON UCS. Alerts are supported only for Device Collections.[/us_message]Under the client status select all the options(first 3 check boxes). If you take a look at conditions, we see there are 3 conditions for which alerts can be raised. In the configuration manager console, Click Monitoring , Reporting, Client Status.Next to it is Endpoint protection, the options can chosen when Endpoint clients are deployed to a device collection. An alert severity can be Critical, Warning or Information. There are already inbuilt reports for client status, we will run a report for Client status summary.This is not to say that other issues will not be encountered, but these seem to be the most common.Issue 1: SMP and MP are not responding, and you see Status Messages like: “SMP/MP is not responding to HTTP requests: The http status code and text is 401, Unauthorized” Issue Cause A: This is most likely happening on a Windows Server 2003 server and is being caused by the IIS IUSR_Machine Name account being denied access to the SMP/MP virtual directory.To configure the client status in SCCM 2012, launch the Configuration manager console. Next we will look more on configuring alerts for client status.

In the configuration manager console, click on Assets and Compliance, Device Collections.As a general rule, the SQL view for each of the discovery options starts with either TIP: Changing the Heartbeat Discovery Cycle to Daily To increase the reliability of the data captured by Config Mgr, you can change the heartbeat discovery cycle from 7 days (default) to daily. None of the other inventory classes maintain history data. There are many reasons, in the authors’ opinion, why these views are not popular, but the most important is that the process of gathering the data to populate these SQL views is extremely slow, and clients will notice their hard drive being accessed for extended periods of time during the data-gathering process. File Version,2), '.','') as 'IE Version', Count (Distinct SF. Writing a single software update SSRS report could take from four hours to multiple weeks. For example, when a deployment is sent to a Config Mgr client, it sends a status message back the Config Mgr server, saying that it has received the deployment notice. Status Message Queries are perhaps not the most explored and used feature of Config Mgr 2012, but it’s a great way to get information about what’s happening in your environment.Configuring Client Status in SCCM 2012 In this post we will look at Configuring client status in SCCM 2012. In the Client Status Settings Properties window we see settings to monitor the client status. Right the Client Status and click Schedule Client Status Update.Before you can monitor System Center 2012 Configuration Manager client status and remediate problems that are found, you must configure your site to specify the parameters that are used to mark clients as inactive and configure options to alert you if client activity falls below a specified threshold. Lets see one by one on what they are :-Client Policy requests during the following days – This setting specifies the number of days since a client requested policy. Heartbeat discovery during the following days – This setting specifies the number of days since the client sent a heartbeat record to the site database. Hardware inventory during the following days – This setting specifies the number of days since the client sent a hardware inventory record to the site database. Software inventory during the following days – This setting specifies the number of days since the client sent a software inventory record to the site database. Status messages during the following days – This setting specifies the number of days since the client sent a status messages to the site database. Retain client status history for the following number of days – This setting specifies for how long the client status history should remain in the site database. By default the client status update is set to 1 Days. This means that every 1 hour the client status is updated.Yes, the scan cycle must be performed and is a precursor (how else would the client know what to install or what to download) but this does not have to be the scheduled scan cycle (and in fact usually isn’t because of the other scans kicked off by the deployment process).

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