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Two detailed Soviet reports on the causes and circumstances of the Chernobyl accident, translated into English by the IAEA, and a statement of measures that have been taken to enhance the safety of RBMK reactors are included.

Making a big pot of chili is one of the best ways you can get people to begin eating tomatoes because this is one of the foods which has become very popular with many folks.

How different the outlook is today, in the light of research that has changed attitudes and determined legislation, policies and practice ensuring that people with Down syndrome have the right to education, employment, and equal access to health and social care.

However, researching this article has highlighted an injustice that could have the effect of placing people with Down syndrome back in a lonely and isolated world, not necessarily behind closed doors but potentially, in the heart of their communities.

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Rather than using whole tomatoes to begin with your chili you'll be better off using tomato puree or tomato paste simply because a lot of folks don't like chunks of tomatoes and their chili.

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In the introduction to her book Karin Melberg Schwier describes how difficult it can be for some parents and professionals to allow children with Down syndrome to grow into adults, 'whole adults' that is, adults who have adult relationships.