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Luke was in love with Lorelai for years — and always satisfied her need for coffee. I think some people were getting artistically bankrupt.

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Scott Gordon Patterson (born September 11, 1958) is an American actor and musician.He studied acting in New York with renowned coaches Robert Lewis and Sondra Lee.He was exposed to the teachings of such luminaries as Paul Newman, Arthur Penn, and Frank Corsaro at The Actors Studio.The role that he was convinced he'd never get because he wasn't a name actor? You guys might get blamed if sales are down because so many fans will be home watching instead. And was the chemistry with co-star Lauren Graham just for the cameras or was something brewing behind the scenes as well? He was born September 11, 1958, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the son of Hope Gordon, a homemaker, an actress in the Haddonfield Plays and Players Theatre Troupe and journalist, and Francis Ford Patterson IV, an advertising executive. Patterson formed his first band in the third grade with longtime friend Tommy Poitras.

They played just two songs – Back In The USSR by The Beatles, and I'm Not Your Stepping Stone. The Unknowns added to their set list and performed throughout grade school and high school but disbanded after HS graduation.At The Actor's Studio, he also participated in the Producer's Unit chaired by Arthur Los Angeles, the fans reacted as if One Direction got back together. "It's really so amazing."With hours to go until Netflix drops the much-anticipated revival, Patterson shouldn't be shocked about anything. Maybe Sally Struthers because Sally Struthers comes on set and is just a comedy show. Patterson was raised in Haddonfield, New Jersey and attended Haddonfield Memorial High School.He attended Rutgers University, pursuing a degree in Comparative Literature."Like most kids that pick up a guitar, I would sit there in my room and listen to Stones records and Jimi Hendrix records and try to play along with those guys," said Patterson, 57, who grew up in Haddonfield and went to rock shows at the Spectrum.

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