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The Jezreel Expedition is directed by Jennie Ebeling and Norma Franklin and sponsored by the University of Evansville and the University of Haifa.In 2015, the Jezreel Consortium includes Chapman University, Moravian Theological Seminary, University of Arizona, Vanderbilt University, Villanova University, and Wesley Theological Seminary; as in previous years, most senior staff and team members were affiliated with the sponsoring and consortium institutions.

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The main goals of the 2015 excavation season were to further elucidate the sequence of occupation of the newly-discovered Tel ‘Ein Jezreel and investigate the relationship between it and Tel Jezreel.

As in the 20 field seasons, Tel ‘Ein Jezreel, known as Area S, was the main stratigraphic excavation area in 2015.

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Julye Bidmead (Chapman University) and Michael Koletsos of (University of Michigan).

To the east of this area and on the other side of the ancient path excavated in 2014, seven 5x5 meter squares were opened in sub-area Area Sd under the supervision of Ian Cipin (University of Haifa) and Noga Blockman (Tel Aviv University) (Figure 3). Figure 5 Excavating restorable Early Bronze Age vessels in Area Sc. Excavations in Area Sc (Figure 4) revealed a layer of stones immediately below the surface made up of small limestone boulders and many broken basalt grinding stones and other artifacts that was up to one meter thick in places.

Figure 2 Area S, located south of the Spring of Jezreel (trees at top right of photo). Figure 3 Area Sc in foreground and Sd in background. The Spring of Jezreel is in the trees in left of photo. Area S is located in the uncultivated land – masha – located directly south of and above the spring (Figure 2).