Seatgate st3750330as updating firmware

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It was not until recent that the error was found and Seagate has releases new firmware to fix the issue.*** Please Note *** This is Seagate's second attempt to release updated firmware.Seagate's first firmware update also caused hard drives to fail and brick.

Drives with a firmware version starting with "CC" cannot be flashed to firmware SD1A or SD1B and therefore cannot be used with the Series 5 high-port count cards (51245, 51645, 52445).

One user who contacted Seagate customer support was told that only drives manufactured in December need to be updated, and their drive, manufactured in October, failed after update because of this.

No indication is given on the knowledge base article that the date of manufacture was important, only a list of affected models and firmware.

Here is the list of drives firmware affected, according to the support site as of now.

Seagate today issued a much needed firmware fix that hopefully resolves one of the biggest bungles for in recent memory.

If in the case that this firmware causes your drive to become inoperable, your data is not lost. If your drive has CC firmware, your drive is not affected and no further action is required.

Attempting to flash the firmware of a drive with CC firmware will result in rendering your drive inoperable.

Seagate is working with customers to expedite a remedy.”For those of you who had problems, did the new update bring your drives back to life? How did you recover data from a barely working drive?

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After updating to version SD1A, read errors occur preventing users from accessing their data.

Fortunately, the failing drives are still detected by the BIOS and therefore updates to the firmware are still possible, unlike the previous SD15 version which locked out the drive.

Thankfully, the company expedited a fix that couldn’t have arrived too soon for those affected.