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There are many common clocks that pass through the average repair shop over and over again allowing a repairman to gain a great deal of experience over a relatively short period of time.1950-52 This period was engaged in manufacturing striking clocks, including pendulum time pieces, and the casing of strikes and time pieces, clocks and Bakelite cased strikes, Bim Bams etc.Consequently they end up in repair shops only sporadically.To give you an idea of how "rare" they are, we repair approximately 1200 clocks per year yet only see 5 to 10 tubular bell clocks during that same period. Prior-Clarke outline the history and development of The Enfield Clock Factory, the sister establishment to the Anglo-Celtic Watch Company which shared its Ynyscedwyn location.

1949 saw the consolidation of manufacturing such as autos, gear cutting, and machine shop operation, together with the introduction of bezel manufacture which incorporated plating and polishing and metal finishing techniques.

1952 saw the introduction of the 8 day conical pivot QH movement.

The escapement itself was manufactured and assembled at the No.1 factory, Enfield works, Edmonton.

On the 24th January 1949 the main part of the Enfield Factory opened for the assembly and part manufacture of the F3 striking clock.

In July 1948, the centre reservation between the two factories was made ready for the receipt of stores etc. Kienzler took up residence, employing two store men (Jack Morgan and Rhys Evans).

The business began as straight clock repair and evolved into a full line of clock sales and service.