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Text validation can help the user to understand what information is required when entering data into a form.If there is an invalid field, instead of continuing with the process (resulting in an error later), the GUI can direct the user to the invalid field.private XMLReader get XMLReader() throws LSException { if (reader == null) { Namespace Aware(namespace Aware); Validating(validating); XInclude Aware(x Include Aware); try catch (Parser Configuration Exception e) catch (SAXException e) throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXException { this.factory = factory; /* Since we disable DTDs, we can't be validating.*/ throws Parser Configuration Exception, SAXException public void test_set Is XInclude Aware() @Known Failure("Dalvik doesn't honor system properties when choosing a SAX implementation") public void test_new Instance() { try { SAXParser Factory dtf = SAXParser Instance(); assert Not Null("New Instance of Datatype Factory is null", dtf); Property("parsers. A line edit allows the user to enter and edit a single line of plain text with a useful collection of editing functions, including undo and redo, cut and paste, and drag and drop (see set Drag Enabled()).For example, imagine you want to create a validator that ensures that a list has fewer than 10 items.

You could create the validator like this: When you inherit from Property Validator you must override the Is Valid method.

This method takes a Property Validator Context object and should return a boolean indicating whether validation succeeded.

The Property Validator Context object passed into the Validate method contains several properties: Note that the error message to use is specified in the constructor.

When editing is finished, either because the line edit lost focus or Return/Enter is pressed the editing Finished() signal is emitted.

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A related class is QText Edit which allows multi-line, rich text editing.

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