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Terror is more of an earthbound concern these days, and we've long known the science behind eclipses like the one on Monday that traveled the United States, peaking in humble Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Why did millions travel to the path of totality for less than three minutes of pale dusk on a blazing hot Monday afternoon? As far as anyone knew, the world was ending, the sun eaten by dragons, toads, fire dogs, giant bears and fed-up gods.

With 300 other people, a bluegrass band, and a lot of amazing Southern cooking, it was the ideal way to take in the phenomenon. Hach hosted "Kitchen Kollege" from 1950 to 1956, becoming the first female host of a television show."It's one of the most ominous sort of things you can experience, right?" Sabrina Crabtree and her daughter, Charolette, have some fun while they await the eclipse in Hopkinsville, Kentucky.Millions of Americans have gathered to witness the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in nearly a century.Anticipation mounted on Monday when the eclipse's totality - the line of shadow created when the sun is completely obscured - hit the shore of Oregon and rapidly moved eastwards to South Carolina.Nashville is along the 70-mile wide path of totality, meaning the moon covered 93% of the sun.

Given the historic magnitude of the eclipse, we decided to head down to Nashville to take in this once in a lifetime event on the ground.

Many observers used high tech camera equipment to record the event.

Others documented the eclipses's unusual effect on shadows and animals.

Many were there because it was a cool thing to do, nothing more.

Others were fairly consumed by a celestial intersection of science and nature that had fired their imaginations for decades.

Pictures of the once-in-a-lifetime event quickly flooded social media.

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