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We welcome you to this site where you can learn more about the services we provide and the approach we take to help children, young people and their families on the path to healthy and safe futures.

While health officials have begun an investigation and are analysing the mouse and the Tesco scampi packaging, Mr Ali said he has only drunk fruit juice since. And in another gruesome Tesco find, a dead bird measuring five inches in length was found in a ‘ready to eat’ packet of salad in February. There was something a bit fishy about one plumber’s scampi dinner – a rotting, dead mouse was lurking in it. I was looking forward to scampi and I love scampi.’ He had bought the £3 packet from Tesco in Bathgate on Wednesday but has been on a liquid diet ever since.Mohammed Ali, 37, from Stoneyburn, West Lothian, was horrified to discover that what he’d unloaded into the deep fat fryer was not only seafood from a packet of scampi but a rotten rodent, too. Family members have also teased him, he said: ‘I went to my brother’s party later that day and as soon as I got in my brother was going, ‘Squeak! ”’ A West Lothian council spokesman said: ‘We have been contacted by a local resident regarding the alleged find of a mouse in a locally bought food product.We offer children and young people a range of options for the work including art, play, talking, and others.When appropriate and possible, Skylight also works closely with families and carers of children and young people, as well as other professionals, to help them support and encourage child's work.The Vi SOR database is used by all police forces in Great Britain as well as number of other agencies including Criminal Justice Social Work and Scottish Prison Service.

Anyone who has been convicted of a sexual offence which is listed within Schedule 3, Sexual Offences Act 2003 automatically becomes subject of notification requirements.

Classes at Inveralmond include Hairdressing, Make-up, Pilates, Floral Arts, Guitar, Dressmaking and Adult Learn to Swim.

An information leaflet for Deans and Inveralmond classes has been uploaded in the Community Classes section (right hand column at the foot of this webpage). Read More Posted by: Alison | 18/08/2017 AM The Post Results Service operates after the results have been published where a concern exists about an awarded grade which is significantly out of line with expectations.

A reminder for all students who have paid their deposits that the second payment of £100 is due on Friday 1 September.

If there are any questions concerning the trip contact Miss Gibb. Read More Posted by: Alison | 22/08/2017 PM S1 - Instrumental Music Lessons: Any student who was receiving instrumental music lessons at primary should speak to their Music Teacher as soon as possible.

The couple had a son and daughter, the latter of whom died soon after birth.